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Our employees, our most precious assets

photo employé qui regarde l'horizon

Groupe Petra:
A Career Exceeding Expectations

At Groupe Petra, there aren’t any assets more precious than the employees. Their raw talent, unwavering work ethic, bold vision and dynamic approach make the Groupe a leader in urban heritage real estate management. Every day, we aim to provide a warm and stimulating work environment to foster personal growth in a healthy and enriching setting. Working with Groupe Petra means choosing a career within a company that employs cutting-edge management methods reflecting unparalleled professional ethics. Our motto: consistently place people at the center. Proud to be a model of corporate social responsibility, it is essential for us to use diversity and inclusion as drivers of performance within the organization.

Well-being as a
Driver of Performance

Because we understand that the overall performance of the company is driven by the personal well-being of our employees, we do everything to support our employees in managing their professional and personal lives: the flexibility needed for effective time management is highly valued at Groupe Petra. When productivity is optimized in an environment that promotes well-being, the performance of everyone—including that of the company—is enhanced. Behind each Groupe Petra collaborator lies a significant balance, conducive to achieving the greatest accomplishments.


Join the largest urban heritage management group in Quebec. By doing so, you will bring your talent, vision, dynamism, and ambitions to our team. It’s people like you who feel at home with us

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