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Our Services

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Real Estate Management

Groupe Petra specializes in the management of office buildings and commercial spaces. Our close relationship with tenants make the Groupe an icon in real estate management in the country. Furthermore, the majority of our buildings are Class “A.” This classification is only awarded to buildings that meet strict criteria concerning their location, construction materials and management. Therefore, the Groupe Petra’s rental portfolio is not only highly diverse, but also of the utmost quality. You can rest assured that the Groupe Petra will provide a space that matches the ambitions of your organization.

Space Design

Groupe Petra specializes in the design of commercial, office, and industrial spaces. Having designed spaces of all kinds to meet the unique needs of clients in various fields, we understand intimately how to maximize an environment’s full potential. We know that it’s only within a dream space that one achieves their own.

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Construction and Renovation

Groupe Petra is a leader in constructing cutting-edge office spaces. Our vision goes beyond construction; we ensure continuous improvement of our spaces to provide our tenants with an environment that exceeds their expectations. Through our renovation services, we are able to transform a workspace to meet the highest industry standards, both in terms of design and environment.

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