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What are some advantages of working with Groupe Petra for clients and partners?

As a specialist in real estate management, Groupe Petra boasts a comprehensive four-decade-long experience. Today, the group stands as a leader in leasing “class A” commercial, industrial, and office spaces—meaning assets meeting strict quality criteria such as prime locations, responsible management, and unparalleled building quality. It is also their unique vision that sets the Groupe apart in its field. Instead of prioritizing the rapid buying and selling of real estate, Groupe Petra is committed to a philosophy that aims to preserve and enhance urban heritage today and in the future. This way of conceiving spaces can be seen in the unique living environments Groupe Petra creates with each of its acquisitions. Their clients know that by doing business with the Groupe, their interests will always be the top priority. It’s a close relationship based on trust and professionalism. As for their partners, they take pride in being involved in integrated real estate management that focuses on long-term profitability.

How does Groupe Petra contribute to durable development and social responsibility?

Groupe Petra is committed to ensuring that a long-term philosophy guides its investments. The Groupe is invested in sustainable management of the urban landscape. The future of real estate management demands a special emphasis on sustainability. The commercial, industrial, and office spaces leased by Groupe Petra are built and maintained to endure over time and to respect their environment—as evidenced by the LEED certification of several of Groupe Petra’s buildings, which can only be obtained by meeting strict environmental criteria and following best practices in sustainable development. Through the choice of quality materials, timeless designs, and a forward-looking approach to their field, Groupe Petra practices real estate management that provides its clients with the best of both today and tomorrow—all of this right now.

What are Groupe Petra’s values and philosophy when it comes to real estate management?

Groupe Petra is proud to predominantly offer Class “A” buildings to its tenants and clients. This usually means superior commercial buildings: an attractive location in the heart of urban vibrancy, impeccable construction and architecture, status as a flagship building in its industry, high occupancy rates, prestigious tenants, state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems, ample parking, recognized environmental certification, and adherence to best sustainable development practices. Indeed, many Groupe Petra buildings are certified LEED, meeting the highest standards of sustainability. Our goal is to maintain this standard of excellence for all buildings under the care of Groupe Petra.

What are Groupe Petra’s main domains of expertise?

Groupe Petra is an expert in sustainable real estate management. We oversee the leasing of high-quality commercial, industrial, and office spaces in Greater Montreal. In addition to our property management services, Groupe Petra specializes in the preventive maintenance of urban heritage. We also provide space design and renovation services, and specialize in the conception of functional and inspiring living environments. Our goal? To find and create a dream space that will enable you to achieve your own.

What are the current job opportunities available at Groupe Petra, and how can I apply?

Groupe Petra is continually seeking new talents to join its team of seasoned experts. Whether you’re an expert in project management, management, real estate brokerage, architecture or engineering and have an interest in responsible real estate management, the Groupe would be delighted to get to know you. Please visit our careers section to explore the currently available job opportunities.

Working with Groupe Petra is a professionally and personally enriching experience. The raw talent, unwavering work ethic, and bold vision of its employees make Groupe Petra a leader in its field. Our motto is to consistently prioritize people. Working with Groupe Petra means choosing a career within a company that employs cutting-edge management methods, reflecting unparalleled professional ethics. Joining Groupe Petra means becoming a part of a team of individuals who have chosen to live their passions. Apply now!

Why choose Groupe Petra for real estate management?

Groupe Petra places people and quality at the heart of its real estate management. While others aim for quick buying and selling of investments, Groupe Petra is committed to a long-term focus on urban heritage management, and the creation of innovative, cutting-edge living environments. Client relationships are a top priority for the Groupe, which views property management as an opportunity to provide clients with spaces that help them achieve their dreams. If you care about practicing responsible real estate management with the future in mind, Groupe Petra is the right choice.

Why choose Groupe Petra for office space rental?

Renting office space is a critical step for any business. Companies often seek offices that fit their budget while being at the forefront of design, technology, and comfort. Moreover, businesses often aim to be strategically located in influential neighbourhoods. As the largest property owner in downtown Montreal, Groupe Petra can offer office spaces that meet all these criteria and more. Most office spaces provided by Groupe Petra are in the “Class A” category, making them superior locations. Look no further! Groupe Petra has offices that match your ambitions.

What is defined as “real estate management”?

Real estate management is a field within real estate that encompasses a multitude of specializations. Many of these are the expertise of Groupe Petra, the Canadian leader in responsible real estate management. In this capacity, we work in leasing commercial, industrial, and office spaces of exceptional quality rarely seen in the industry. Groupe Petra also offers space design and maintenance, construction, and renovation services. In short, the real estate management provided by Groupe Petra is a very special art: the creation of unique living and working environments conducive to the realization of its tenants’ ambitions.

Who can lease an office?

Anyone whose company’s size justifies it can rent offices. It’s important that the offices you occupy serve your business and clientele optimally. To achieve this, several factors need to be considered. For several decades, Groupe Petra has been involved in leasing top-quality office spaces in downtown Montreal and across North America. The buildings managed by the Groupe are predominantly “Class A” and are often flagship buildings of urban heritage. We would be delighted to assist you in finding offices at the forefront of design and comfort that match your company’s ambitions.

How much is the rent for a commercial space?

The rent greatly depends on the type of commercial space, its location, and its specific features. Groupe Petra specializes in leasing top-class commercial spaces in downtown Montreal. Therefore, it has an intimate understanding of the markets in which it operates and provides you with experts who can find the commercial space that meets your needs, expectations and budget.

How much is the rent for an office?

The rent largely depends on the type of office space, its location, and its specific features. Groupe Petra specializes in leasing high-quality commercial spaces in downtown Montreal. Therefore, it has an intimate knowledge of the markets in which it operates and boasts experts who can find the commercial space that matches your expectations, aligns with your needs, and fits within your budget.

How do I calculate the commercial space I need?

Several factors dictate the commercial space you’ll need, such as your budget, inventory, and growth objectives. Groupe Petra experts are well-equipped to assist you in precisely determining the size and type of commercial space your endeavours require. Contact us today with any questions related to leasing commercial space, industrial space, or office space in Montréal, Québec. We’d be delighted to help you find the ideal location from our diverse and high-quality portfolio.