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Real Estate Management That’s Invested in the Future

About Groupe Petra

Since its inception in 1986, Groupe Petra has consistently focused on long-term investment and prioritized a close relationship with its tenants. As urban real estate property managers, we promote preventive maintenance, continuous improvement, and the enhancement of the unique attributes of our buildings. Because at the core of each of our properties’ management lies the foundation of Groupe Petra’s mission: a lasting relationship with its tenants based on professionalism, precision, and, above all, unwavering trust.

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We Give You the Space to Fulfill Yourself

Through successive acquisitions, the Groupe Petra  has become one of the largest real estate management companies in the country. As a private management company, we own office spaces as well as commercial and industrial properties in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and across North America. We provide comprehensive management services for our properties, including leasing, development, construction, and maintenance.

Today, the Groupe Petra  rigorously and professionally manages 10.2 million square feet, enjoying the ongoing trust of its clients and associates. The value of Groupe’s Petra properties lies in several key factors, including their strategic locations, high occupancy rates, and the unmatched quality of their construction. Most of our office buildings—primarily certified class “A”—boast a recognized brand image. And all of our commercial and industrial properties were acquired based on strict criteria related to location, adaptability and accessibility, making them adaptable for multiple purposes.

Promoting a long-term investment approach, we ensure preventive maintenance and continuous improvement of each of our assets. Furthermore, we work diligently to highlight the distinctive features of our real estate portfolio, ensuring ecological responsibility and a constant concern for the next generation. We manage urban heritage with an eye on tomorrow, because it is by keeping the future in mind that we invest with our heart.

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Our Mission

As a property manager, the Groupe’s mission is focused on the appreciation and preservation of real estate assets rather than the quick reselling of buildings. Because at the core of managing each of our properties lie the pillars supporting the Groupe Petra: a lasting relationship with its tenants based on professionalism, precision, and, above all, unwavering trust.

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Our Values

Since its inception, the management and success of Groupe Petra have been built on strong values: trust, precision, professionalism, and closeness to our clients. Our core concern is to treat with respect and humanity all the people who make up the extended family known as the Groupe Petra.

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Our Vision

By investing in the long term and avoiding the quick resale of assets, we act as a pillar of sustainable investments. This benefits everyone—the Groupe Petra, its clients, associates, and collaborators alike. We believe in real estate management that ensures the longevity of the Groupe and the communities in which it operates.

Meet the Groupe Petra Family

Groupe Petra, From its Beginnings to Now